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More than 17,000 children face hunger in northeast North Carolina


In northeast North Carolina, 25.2% of children are food insecure, meaning that they do not always know where they will find their next meal, according to new research released today by Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. The research shows that the number of food insecure children has increased from 16,870 last year to 17,333.


The findings result from Feeding America’s latest “Map the Meal Gap” study, which provides estimates on the rate of food insecurity at the county and congressional district level for the entire nation.  Food Bank of the Albemarle is part of the Feeding America network.


The overall number of food insecure people in the area has increased by increased from 61,390 to 61,470.  The jump is not huge statistically, but is certainly troubling for the individuals who now find themselves in the position of not having adequate food for themselves and their families. Factoring in those who stand to lose unemployment benefits will drive that number higher.


The local numbers reflect the national trend, according to the research. Overall, the national food insecurity rate increased to 16.4%- the number of food insecure people having now climbed over 50,000,000.


For more information about hunger in northeast North Carolina and the work of the Food Bank of the Albemarle, please visit .


For more information about hunger nationally and the “Map the Meal Gap” research and data, please visit Feeding America at .


Map the Meal Gap is a yearly study that is conducted nationwide in order to gain knowledge of the prevalence of food insecurity in our communities. You can click here to see an interactive map showing the food insecurity data for your state or county.

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